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Celebrate a Frugal Fourth of July

This fourth of July, celebrate freedom frugally! With a few bargains, some freebies and a little old fashioned fun, you can have a 4th of July that will be full of memories without having to spend much money.

Hit the Dollar Store - Before the big day, head to your local dollar store. You can pick up sparklers, paper plates and party supplies for a buck each.

Stick to the Basics - The 4th of July isn’t known for crème brulee or caviar. For this holiday it’s all about the basics-- hot dogs, potato salad and ice cream. Thankfully these summer staples are among the cheapest at your grocery store so stick to the basics. Use this coupon to get a free Steaz ice tea ice tea when you buy one bottle. That will help you cheaply quench your summer thirst.

Enjoy Free Music - The best events have the perfect soundtrack. Download free patriotic music on Amazon to give your 4th a festive feel.

Rent a Patriotic Film - Pick up a movie with a patriotic theme. Whether it’s Independence Day with Will Smith or Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks, avoid the sweltering heat by watching a movie from the comfort of your air conditioned living room. You can even get a free rental from Redbox by checking out this list of coupon codes.

Take in Natural Beauty -The weather is usually heating up by the 4th of July. Keep cool by visiting a nearby lake, river, beach or park. Enjoying the natural beauty around you is usually free fun.

Find a Free Event - Most communities celebrate the 4th of July with free festivals and fireworks. Do a little research to find out where the best free bash is in your town. Another option is to head to Bass Pro Shops with the little ones for free family crafts. You’ll learn how to make your own birdhouse. Maybe you can even paint it red, white and blue in honor of Independence Day.
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