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Easy Ways to Go Green: 7 Eco Eating and Cooking Tips

1.Go for the gold — coffee filters, that isSpare trees by replacing paper filters in your coffeemaker with reusables (usually gold colored).

2.Get the organic habitSwitch to organic for at least one product that you buy every week.

3.Put it in park Avoid drive-through windows, especially if there are long lines.

4.Compost Instead of trashing food scraps, toss them into Gardener's Supply Company Kitchen Compost Crock, a ceramic countertop composter that's perfect for first-timers (

5.Break out the bambooThis plant is a far more sustainable natural resource than wood because it grows very quickly. Try the stylish bamboo bowls and cutting boards from TimberGrass (

6.Become a flexitarianSwap out one meat dish a week for a veggie plate. Why? Because raising produce is "cheaper," in terms of energy, than raising animals. Log on to to find tasty, meatless recipes (our favorite: the lentil burgers).

7.Grill corn in its husk Instead of stripping off the green leaves, soak the ear whole, then place it right on the barbecue — no aluminum foil required.
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  1. You know, I really like the idea of parking oppose to going through the drive though. Thank for the tip.


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