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Father's Day Gifts

I was looking around the net today for Father's Day gift ideas for my kids. Yes, I know it's less than a week away, but I thought it would be nice for each of them to be able to make him something besides giving him his big gift.

Well, I came across Living a Better Life. They have a whole secetion on Father's Day Gifts. They let their readers make suggestions of great, but cheap gifts to give. Here is a short list of what was said. To see the full list please visit Living a Better Life today.

Gift Ideas:
Yard Service
Personalized Stepping Stones
Coupons for Dining Out
Free Car Wash
Banks for Lose Change
Homemade Pizza
Megan This is for all Sand Springs U6 Team Jamacia Soccer Players. You can find the game schedule along with pictures from the games.

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