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Five Ways to Save Money at Home While You're on Vacation

It’s summer and you know what that means– time to get out of town. Most of us are planning our vacations on a budget, but you may not even realize that you can actually save money at home while you’re relaxing on the beach.

Turn Down Your Hot Water Heater
There’s no reason to keep your hot water heater working while you’re not there. Give your hot water heater a vacation, too. Most models have a vacation setting. Put this on your to-do list and mark it off right before you walk out the door.

Turn Your Thermostat Up (Or Down)
Just like your hot water heater deserves a break, so does your heating and cooling system. In the summer, either turn the air conditioner off or turn the thermostat way up. You’ll save money while you’re away and no one will be at home to notice the temperature isn’t quite as comfortable.

Pour Bleach Down Your Drains
A cheap way to keep your drains running smoothly and keep yourself from calling a plumber is pouring a little bleach down your drains just before you go on vacation. The bleach will have an uninterrupted chance to do its job and keep your drains clear.

Put a Hold On Your Mail
Putting a hold on your mail while you’re away can be done online through the US Postal Service. It’s a free service, but beyond that it could keep thieves away by eliminating a clue that you’re not around. If a thief enters your home, the damage they do and the items they take would likely be costly. Try to prevent that by stopping your mail from piling up.

Rent Your Place
If you live in a location other people may want to visit, try renting out your property. There are risks since you’re opening your home to strangers, but it could significantly offset the costs of your vacation. Check out sites like or
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