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Free Online Tools for Managing Money

Spending your hard earned cash on software that tracks how you spend your hard earned cash seems a little, well, pointless. Now there are dozens of free online tools to help you manage your money. Here are a few of the best.
If you have more than one bank account, Buxfer can help. By using Buxfer you won’t have to log on to several different sites just to check your balances. All of that information will be in one place. Categorize your spending and Buxfer will tell you exactly how much you’re forking out on gas. (If you’re brave enough to find out.) Another neat feature with Buxfer is that you can track shared expenses. If you’re splitting rent or cable bills with roommates, Buxfer will do the math for you.

BudgetTracker, Inc is cool because it integrates all of your accounts and ties them together on an easy-to-read calendar. BudgetTracker will send you reminders so all of those bills get paid on time. A limited subscription is free.

New to budgeting? With PearBudget, in less than 20 minutes you’ll have a spending plan to get you started. PearBudget also allows you to input receipts and create a spending record. PearBudget then uses your spending plan and your spending record to create a budget. PearBudget is free for the first 30 days. After that it’ll cost you $3 a month.

According to PC World, Mint is a “top rated online finance service.” Mint is a free tool that lets you track all of your accounts in one place. Mint creates pie charts so you can easily review your spending habits. You’ll get alerts about bank fees, upcoming bills and low balances. Also, Mint will let you know about credit cards that have lower interest rates or savings accounts that have higher interest rates.

Wesabe is kind of like Facebook with a financial feel. It combines money management tools with a social community. Is your goal to get out of debt? Pay off the mortgage? Buy a boat? Wesabe will help you achieve it. At Wesabe, you can ask questions, share advice and set goals. Signing up is free and that’s just a smart money move.
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