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Bella Dia: Simply Happy Pretty Things

I recently have been in the mood to redecorate my home. I want to do cheap, cute, do-it yourself decorating projects for my home.

While looking around the Internet (great source for ideas), I came across Bella Dia: Simply Happy Pretty Things. This site is wrote by a lady by the name of Cassi. This lady is amazing with some of the things she has done. I really like the fabric panels she has made to hang in her craft room.

Just look at those colors and patterns. Not to mention how well they coordinate with the paint color for the wall.

I know I will trying this project out myself. It will soon be my new "master piece" for my master bedroom.

Cassi at Bella Dia: Simply Happy Pretty Things has been nice enough to let me put the instruction on my site for all my wonderful readers. I do; however, encourage each of you to check out her blog Bella Dia: Simply Happy Pretty Things. She has several other crafts and decorating tips, and you have find out her inspiration between the fabric panels. You can also find Cassi on

**Thanks again Cassi for your wonderful blog Bella Dia: Simply Happy Pretty Things and for letting put your fabric panel project on my site.**

What to do? use foam core, double stick tape (I like poster tape especially or ones available for scrapbookers) and wall putty to put them all together. Cut your foam core to accommodate the piece of fabric that you are using. Make sure you have about 1" to 1 1/2" of fabric to fold over to the backside.

Place the double stick along the edges of the foam core, gently pull the fabric over each corner and press down onto the tape, and then working from opposite sides, gently pull taut the fabric along the sides and press down onto the tape. Cassi uses wall putty to put them up so she wouldn't have a bunch of little holes in the wall. She says it also makes it easy to move them around and take down if you want to use a panel as a background for a picture; see here.
If you don't want to wrap the fabric around (or there just isn't enough fabric to do it) then put the double stick tape along the edges on the front and press your fabric on. You might need to neaten the edges a bit.

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