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Ozone Alert Days - what to do?

Take Action All Summer Long
→Drive less. Try walking, biking, carpooling, or riding the bus. If you leave your car at home one day a week, you could prevent 55 pounds of pollution each year from being emitted into our air. And think of the money you'll save on gas, parking and car upkeep.
→Avoid long idle times. Avoid idle times longer than 30 seconds by turning off your car when you're not in traffic.
→Bring your lunch to work. "Brown-bag-it" or walk to lunch.
→Trip chain. Combine errands into one trip to minimize "cold starts".
→Refuel in the evening and don't top off the tank.
→Do your garden chores gasoline-free. Avoid gas-powered yard tools until evening - or switch to electric-powered tools.
→Sign up to be an Ozone Alert! Coordinator

Take Action on Ozone Alert! Days
→Leave your car at home. Try different ways of getting to work - like walking, biking, carpooling or riding the bus. Avoid unnecessary trips.
→Avoid idling. Walk-in rather than drive-thru.
→Postpone refueling. If you must, do it in the evening.
→Postpone mowing with gasoline-powered mowers.
→Postpone errands. Do them another day.
→Sign up for Email Alert Notifications of Ozone Alert! days.
Megan This is for all Sand Springs U6 Team Jamacia Soccer Players. You can find the game schedule along with pictures from the games.

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