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Guest Contributor - Mom Mayhem

For those of you few are new to Things Mommies Love, we sometimes have guest contributor's. I hope you enjoy the information from our friend's.

Guest Contributor article:
Mom Mayhem's Living the Dream of motherhood

Did you ever imagine you'd be Living the Dream of motherhood?! You know like Cooking,Cleaning,Shopping,and various other chores ;)
Or ever feel like after rushing around getting dinner ready and everyone fed before heading out the door to take your kid(s) to their Girl Scout or Boy Scout meeting that you deserve a badge yourself? Well, I'm sure you moms know what we're talking about so you should check out these products!:

1st there's the - Living The Dream apparel! This mom-ran business has shirts to show world how you're Living the Dream of Motherhood. They have various designs,colors,and sizes to choose from even recently adding reusable shopping bags too! Check out the website- HERE

2ND there's the - Mama Merit Badges! Also a mom-ran business.There's all kinds of "Mama Merit Badges" from breastfeeding to tantrums! Check the website- HERE

~Mom Mayhem

About Guest Contributor:

Mom Mayhem AKA Angela: Is a married mother of 2. Currently a Stay-at-home mom-Just trying to get through the mayhem of motherhood.

Megan This is for all Sand Springs U6 Team Jamacia Soccer Players. You can find the game schedule along with pictures from the games.

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