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Driving Tips

Millions of Americans commute an average of 25 minutes each way, according to a recent study. That’s nearly nine full days of commuting in a year. New Yorkers have the longest commute: almost 36 minutes. All that driving is likely costing you big bucks in auto upkeep and even more money at the pump. Check out these ways to save on your daily commute.

Carpool. Carpooling is a great way to split costs and have some interesting commuter conversation. Find a driving-buddy in your area on ( The site reports a huge increase in use since last spring when gas prices started surging. Correspond safely through anonymous email and meet your travel partner in a public place to keep carpooling safe.

Bicycle. Strap on a helmet, lace up some tennis shoes and hop on a ten speed to cut commuting costs. You’ll avoid burning extra gas while burning off some calories. Plus it might bring back some memories of the days when you thought of exercise as fun. Check out these tips at on how not to get hit by cars on your way to work. (

Public Transportation. Put the brakes on stop-and-go traffic by hopping on a bus or taking the subway. A bus ticket will likely cost much less than filling your tank. Plus you can text your friends, apply mascara, or read the newspaper without worrying about crashing your Corolla.

Four-Day Work Week. Take a cue from Utah. The state is becoming the first in the nation to institute a mandatory four-day work week for most state workers. The plan will save big money in energy and operating costs for the state as well as fuel costs for workers. Tagging on two extra hours four days a week will mean you don’t have to work on Friday. That cuts your commuting costs by one-fifth. And it means three-day weekends!
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