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Money & Features

So, I thought I would share some interesting information I found out. Whenever a company/store/shop contacts me about becoming a feature, doing a product review, or hosting a giveaway many have asked how much it will cost them.

At first, I did not think anything of this at first, but lately I have had more prospective companies ask about the cost. So , I finely started to do some research on what they might be talking about. To great surprise I found that sites (I will not name them) charge prospective companies not only to advertise (top/bottom/sidebars), but also to be featured, host giveaways, & to do product review.

In my personally opinion, a company should have to pay for the advertisement's place on a site/blog. However, I do not feel it is necessary for a company to pay a site/blog to have them feature you or host a giveaway for you.

Things Mommies Love does accept cash and/or products to advertise on our site (top/bottom/sidebar). Things Mommies Love does not charge companies to have a feature/product review/giveaway listed on our site. Product Reviews are the only thing we require a company send us a sample product. We happily accept product samples from companies for features & giveaways. Also, companies that have been featured/hosted a giveaway/participated in a product review on our site will receive a small button space under the "Featured Sites" section of our blog.

Things Mommies Love is very economical for companies. With the economy down, we do not feel right charging outrageous fees for something that should be free in the first place. Our advertisement prices are a bit cheaper than other companies as well.

We hope that if you own a company/part of a company or know someone who has/part of a company will consider Things Mommies Love for your feature, product review, giveaways, and advertisement needs.

Things Mommies Love
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