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School Supply deals (July18-25)

School supply specials

Two-pocket folders $.15 each
1-subject 70sheet notebook $.50 each
Dixon woodcase 24ct #2pencils $1.00 each
Elmer’s white glue $.55each

2-pk. Elmer’s glue sticks $.20each
2-pk. pink erasers $.20 each
Pencil sharpener $.20 each
Ruler $.20 each
Composition books $.50 each

24ct crayola crayons $.89each
10ct crayola non-washable markers $1.49each
Microban scissors (pointed & safety blade) $2.99 each

Two-pocket folders $.09each
Papermat 5ct mechanical pencils $.19each
Papermat 10ct blue & black pens $.19each
Small school supply box $.49each
Ruler $.19each
Backpacks $9.99each
Megan This is for all Sand Springs U6 Team Jamacia Soccer Players. You can find the game schedule along with pictures from the games.

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