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About Us


Things Mommies Love is a blog about everything a mother could use or may want to know. We will be offering product reviews and giveaways of products for a mother's use (beauty supplies, personal care, household items, etc.), and we will be offering product reviews and giveaways of products that mother's LOVE to use on/with their child(ren) (games, foods, clothing, hair, activities, etc.)

If you know of an item or have a company (does not have to fit into one of our topics) that you would like to see on Things Mommies Love, Don't be shy, Contact us today - CLICK HERE!

Topics Things Mommies Love will be focusing:
Go Green
Household tips
child friendly
gift ideas
great buys on products
Money savings COUPONS



Hi, I am Megan the author of Things Mommies Love! I am a lot of things a mom, a wife, and a full-time college student. I have two wonderful children, and one loving husband.

My oldest is a boy, and he will be 6 this Fall (2009). My son tried wrestling for the first time last school year. Yep! that's right he was only 5. At his school sports start young. He could have started tackle football this fall (2009), but he opted to try soccer instead. Soccer sign-ups have come and gone. Now we are waiting on team announcements.

My youngest is a girl, and she just turned 2 in January (2009). She is definitely a little mommies girl. She loves painting her nails (and her daddies - will post video later), and playing dress-up. She stays home with me when daddy is at work, and bubba is at school. This fall she will be starting tumbling. This should be interesting.

My husband and I meet in August of 2004. When we first met he was my boss at work. We began communicating through post-it notes. I still remember the first time he took me to meet his family (They live in Wagoner, OK). He took the turnpike to the Coweta exit, and took dirt roads to his parents house. It seemed like a long trip. Later, he told me that he took the "long" way just in case he didn't really like me. This way I could not try to find him later. Guess he had a bad experience before :( Anyway, my husband is a great guy. We married in August 2006. In 2007 about 3 or 4 weeks before we had our daughter (6 weeks early), we decided I was no longer going to work. Financially my income would be paying for daycare. So, we felt if was best for our kids that I stay home. So, now I still continue going to school full-time, and I substitute at my son's school when needed.

School - I started college straight out of high school in fall of 2003 (oh my I am old). Anyway, I started at the local community college as a business major. About two semester's before I was to graduate with my A.S. in Business I decided to double major in marketing as well. Well this decision postponed graduation until the second degree was finished. After completing at the community college, I headed to a university where I was studying ONLY marketing. Graduation day of May 2009 (Well, graduation for those that didn't change their degree). With only 6 credit hours remaining, I decided to change my major to Elementary Education. So, currently I am back (still) in school for an education degree. Luckily, I only have to complete the last two years of the education program and take the required certification tests. I am set to graduate in May of 2011. I hope to start teaching that fall. I would like to teach somewhere from 1st - 3rd grade.

ABOUT Guest Contributors

Bella (The Little Budget):
Fearful of racking up more student loans, graduating without any job prospects and having no way to pay off her loans, much like many of her newly graduating friends, Bella, a 21-year-old bride to be decided that going to a university out of state wasn't a financially sound decision. She moved back to California and realized that a journalism degree wasn't her ticket to a fabulous job as newspapers across the country are going under. Bella decided that if she couldn't find a publication to work for, she'd create one herself. This idea spawned the newly created site, The Little Budget, a blog chronicling her journey to live the good life in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the fraction of the cost. In the future, she hopes to expand the blog into a user-friendly site to include forums, tips, and free online financial classes to teach other young people how to live a financially sound lifestyle without sacrificing the little luxuries in life.

Bella has 4 years of journalism experience and a passion for business, finance, holistic nutrition, homesteading and politics. She lives with her fiance, Dre, their two chihuahuas, Maximus and Tiberius, their cat, Furball and their kitten, Sophronia.


Angela (Mom Mayhem):

Is a married mother of 2. Currently a Stay-at-home mom-Just trying to get through the mayhem of motherhood.


Charity Beasley, aka Vegbee, spent too much time deliberating (obsessing) about what to write for her biographical paragraph that she ran out of time and decided you could find out for yourself on her blogs found here and here. If you figure her out, you can help by emailing her at and let her know because she still doesn’t have a clue.

ABOUT Something for the GUYS


Megan This is for all Sand Springs U6 Team Jamacia Soccer Players. You can find the game schedule along with pictures from the games.

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