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MFM Apparel - Feature

Look at this new Etsy store I found. It is MFM Apparel (Minty Fresh Monster Apparel). They have modern desgns that all teenagers would enjoy wearing. Minty Fresh Monster Apparel designs spring from the creative mind of one dude from Minnesota. They are brought to you with love on 100% cotton, sweatshop free American Apparel Tees.

With Back-To-School just around the corner. I thought this "Sloth Junior" tshirt was great. It is exactly how many teenagers will feel on that first day back. This is what MFM (Minty Fresh Monster) Apparel said about the "Sloth Junior" tshirt, "All Sloth Junior ever wanted out of life was a decent grade in math class. Unfortunately, he was a little slow."
If you have a tween or teenager you should go by and check out MFM Apparel Today!!

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