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Project Blue - Coming Soon!!

Project Blue Charity event coming soon!

I, Megan – author of Things Mommies Love, am sure you are wondering what the big banner on the right hand side of my site is about. Well, Things Mommies Love feels that it is a great thing that the Blue Star Moms do. They take time out of their busy schedules to help/support those overseas. Things Mommies Love readers should do the same. I ask not only my readers, but readers of other sites to join in on this charity event. Things Mommies Love would like to time out and help show thanks to those soldiers overseas. Things Mommies Love has partnered with Blue Star Moms. The event that Blue Star Moms and Things Mommies Love hosting is called “Project Blue”. Project Blue will be held from October 1st – 31st, and all you have to do is donate either an item off the list (at bottom of article). You can also place a monetary donation (link and information will be available during the event).

Project Blue has a goal to fill 100 Freedom Boxes. A Freedom Box is a box that Blue Star Moms fill with everything from the list below. These Freedom Boxes go to young men and women that are overseas fighting and protecting our precious country.

Below is a list of items needed fill a Freedom Box. Please be kind and pick-up an extra item while you’re at the grocery store next time. You may start sending items as of Oct 1st (address will be available at that time).

Sunscreen (Lotions or creams only –no spray cans)
Socks - white or gray or black
Candy - Gum & Mints single wrapped sizes
Snack foods - single sizes
Drink Mixes - Gatorade, Kool-aid (dry powder only - no liquids)
Tea bags
Crystal Light Drink Sticks
Chapstick - Lip Balm
Tooth brushes & Mouthwash - small sizes & Dental Floss
Paper Disk Mask (sand storms are bad)
Foot Powder (small sizes)
AA or AAA Batteries – Handheld games
Toilet Paper
Roll-on -or Stick Deodorant (NO SPRAY CANS)
Baby wipes (small travel sizes, 60-80 count)
Paperback Books (mystery, drama - no romance, please!)

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  1. Such a great idea, I will definetly be sending in as much as I can to help!


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